“Blood in the Streets” Investment Opportunity in Mexico?

November 14, 2009

Thanks to the global economic downturn and seemingly endless negative media coverage in the U.S. on Mexico, many savvy investors see this as the perfect opportunity to buy real estate.

That might sound counter intuitive to some, but just take a look…the Wall Street Journal recently hailed Mexican real estate as a ‘Haven for U.S. Institutional Investors.’ Because of Mexico’s recent recognition as investment grade by all three major U.S. credit-rating agencies, U.S. institutional investors have been plunging billions of dollars into Mexican real estate. Foreign banks are also moving in. And they’re starting to offer mortgages to Americans and foreigners at competitive rates, an opportunity that did not exist a few years ago. Put another way, money movement out of the U.S. falling Dollar and into the Peso can be viewed as a more stable hedge. And with new aggressive tax laws coming into affect in the States, many see diversifying a portion of their assets into Mexico as just plain smart.

But it’s more than investors buying property, its a much larger trend; it’s retirees and baby boomers seeking a more relaxed and affordable lifestyle. And Merida offers just the right blend of culture and diversity with first-world infrastructure and affordable pricing that many visitors are attracted to. Add Mexico’s close proximity to it’s northern neighbors; it’s affordability and quality medical care and you have a winner. As one expat puts it: “I was 50 years old when I left the States and I felt like I was 65. Now I’m 65 and I feel like I’m 50 and getting younger”.

Not only is Mexico one of the world’s greatest destinations, it is also now a major player in the global economy and in world politics. As National Geographic said: ‘Mexico is poised to emerge as a world leader’.

So thanks to U.S. media coverage, Mexico is experiencing a quiet surge in Real Estate purchases. Not bad when you consider what’s happening to property values in the U.S.

Ignore the Television and c’mon down! Whether you are an investor or traveler, or just thinking about relocating, Mexico is a terrific destination! We’d love to have you stay at Casa La Barenda!

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