Swine Flu Reprise

November 26, 2009

A few weeks ago in this Blog I talked about my personal experience with the HINI Virus. In the Blog I likened this experience to having a Cold. Here’s another view you might be interested in regarding the vaccine …

In the November 14, 2009 Weekend Edition of the S&A Digest, natural resource expert, Matt Badiali said “a dozen members asked me: Would you take the swine vaccine or give it to your kids?”

His answer: “No way. Last time we had a vaccine push like this in 1976, hundreds of people died from complications. Worse, the vaccine’s preservative contains small amounts of mercury” (a deadly toxin).

He says further that “Truthfully, swine flu is not that common. The CDC stopped testing for swine flu in July 2009. Since halting testing, it still reported pandemic levels of swine flu from states and doctors, but this was all ONE BIG LIE. Several states’ tests showed more than 80% of the originally alleged cases are NOT EVEN INFLUENZA (likely just a cold). Yet the government agencies continue to hype every sniffle and cold as swine flu. Worse, it says nearly everyone should get a vaccine. Absurd”.

Here’s some good Q & A advice from the BBC News media: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/8021958.stm

All this talk about pork is starting to get me hungry. I think it’s time for some barbecue and I know just the place. I’ll report in a little later about this favorite little hole-in-the-wall where they have mastered the fine art of slow-cook, the mouth wateringly succulent method of preparing the infamous little swine.



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