I have my own personal chef in Merida…

April 27, 2010

…and you can too!

The regional cuisine in Merida and the Yucatan is unique. Flavors here are savory, subtle and complex and Chef Andy is a pro in preparing them.

Probably one of the nicest, more affordable luxuries of staying in Merida and at Casa La Barenda is having Chef Andy cook and prepare Yucatecan comfort foods like frijol con puerco, a spicy pork and black bean stew, and pan de cazón, a shark and tortilla pie. Andy will surprise and dazzle with some of her own culinary favorite’s too. Andy’s friendly demeanor, her love of life and natural talents for cooking are infused into her dishes—what could be better! With Chef Andy, you don’t just get the food; you get a technicolor feel for local living and life in Merida. You can cook along side Andy while she shows you her secrets, or order up your favorites for home delivery—it’s your choice and you’ll be glad you did.

You can contact Chef Andy for your own personal in-house culinary experience at: andycookingyucatan@yahoo.com.mx.

Also see our video post by renowned chef and Television personality, Rick Bayless. In the episode “Eat, Drink and be Mérida” Rick does an excellent job of providing a comprehensive overview of Merida and her cuisine at: http://casalabarenda.com/videos/MeridabyBayless.html


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