Best Food…Best Values Anywhere…

August 27, 2011

If I mentioned that you could have some of the most delicious food at the best prices anywhere, would you mind if the décor was a little funky or plain?

The best values in Merida can be found at Cocina Economica’s! Little Mom and Pop restaurants in the neighborhoods all over town. A lunch for two might set you back about 8 to 10 bucks. That’s not a misprint! Here you’ll find hearty, three to five course home-cooked meals. Mom will be in the cocina (kitchen) cooking away and working her magic while a family member will be out front greeting, seating and serving you. Service is prompt and the food is always good–the ultimate fast food! Most cocina economica’s are nondescript and take a trained eye to see. But once you know what to look for and you’ve tried a few, you’ll see them everywhere. In fact, you’ll start to WANT to see them everywhere! They can be spotted by looking for informal hand-written signs, or wooden clapboards on the sidewalk. You might also find a simple paper post at the front entry too. Look for an open front, possibly roll-up doors or sliding doors. You’ll notice about 3 to 5 usually plastic tables and chairs inside, and some with tablecloths. Most serve about 1 to 3 items for the day and the food changes frequently. Lunch is the only meal of the day served and hours vary from roughly 11 am to 3 pm. Cocina economica’s work double-duty as both a home and business. When you are walking around and stumble across one one that looks good to you, it is best to just remember the address. And while that might seem obvious, addresses are a little tricky in Merida. Different Barrios can have different numbering sequences. One constant is that even numbers run north to south and odd numbers run east to west. It’s best to get oriented before venturing out–get both cardinal directions to find your way back. Remember which Barrio you are in. Take a picture with your phone camera too…It helps!. And when you find a favorite, you’ll find your way back, I’m sure.

Don’t be shy…check what’s on the menu and have a seat…you will not be disappointed! You don’t need language skills either, but what a great place to practice!

One of my all-time favorites is “El Cangrejito” just a couple of blocks from Casa La Barenda. See what I wrote about it in this Blog…



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