Hmmmmn…What Should I Pack?

September 18, 2011

Ahhh, yes…the dreaded pre-trip packing dilemma!

Many travelers simply tend to pack too much wherever they go. Travelers from colder climates tend to have an even greater difficulty with this, especially if they are returning to their home when it is still cold—they need to bundle up to get out-of-town, and bundle up to get back home. Travelers coming from these colder areas might consider renting a storage locker at the climate-controlled airport to store their heavy clothes. Once in the airport, you can put on a lighter jacket or sweater to take with you to Merida.

Try traveling with a carry-on bag, check it in and consider buying anything you might need locally.

Knowing I don’t have a bunch of heavy bags to lug around at each leg of the journey makes the trip that much more enjoyable. In fact, once I drop my bag at the casa I still have enough energy to walk to the exotic, rustic and tropical-feeling Pauncho’s for a cocktail—it’s my arrival ritual and sets the tone for my stay!

Taxi’s are easier to hail too. Most taxi’s here are small and struggle with room for big bags. You might find yourself waiting for a larger vehicle to arrive if one is not readily available. Even worse, you might end up hiring two cabs–one for you, and one for your bags.

If you need or want something in the way of clothing, say shoes, leather jackets, belts, pants, dresses, shirts. It’s pretty much gonna be available at a fraction of the price you are likely used to. Of course to get the best prices you must shop outside tourist zones. Know too, that your purchases will be appreciated and help contribute to the well-being of the local community.

I’ll add too that you can do your laundry here for a very reasonable price. You can have it picked up and delivered to the casa too. Or you can just walk to the park and drop it off yourself, then explore the park and surrounds, have lunch, shop or do whatever and pick it up later. You can also do your ‘little’ clothing items at the casa–take them with you in the shower or use the sink. There is a clothes drying rack available in the Terrace closet.

As an aside, I take my shoes to MX to be resoled for about $12 dollars versus $70 dollars in the San Francisco, Bay Area. Now that’s more like it!

So between buying local and doing laundry you really only need a few days worth of clothes.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself prior to, and during travel. Get plenty of rest. Hydrate while flying. Go ahead, grab the cocktails, but follow it up with H2o. Be aware of fatigue and the lingering effects it may have in a warmer climate than you are used to. Check the weather before you go and pack accordingly. And if you have to take a USA connected route on your way down, don’t forget with the dreaded TSA, less is more. Things that go BEEP are bad and cost you valuable time and energy.

Please feel free to chime in with your luggage, packing and travel ideas…

Till next time…safe and happy travels!


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