Is Going Lavida Loca Right for You?…

December 7, 2011

Choosing to stay a Colonial home over a hotel can be an exciting, adventurous experience. It can provide the benefits of value, privacy and the opportunity to feel what it is to live like a local. You will experience the culture and community more deeply and have a higher degree of local interaction. You will get to know your neighborhood and meet the shop owners while you enjoy a more natural, authentic experience.

While that might sound like an exciting experience to most, for others, not so much. The best way to find out might be to discuss what living in a Colonial is NOT! Most importantly it does not include the services or attention that you would expect of a hotel…unless of course you ask!

Living at Casa La Barenda is designed to be a simple, rustic experience with emphasis on living life. The casa is suited to providing comfortable and basic needs. You might however experience elements of the home and local living that could either add to the charm or distract depending on your disposition or cultural bias.

With your own kitchen, you will have the opportunity to do your own cooking and shopping at the local outdoor markets, or have these services provided. Yes, you can hire a Chef to cook for you at Casa La Barenda! You can learn how to cook Yucatecan specialties with unique spices and learn Chef secrets!

If you want your beds made with sheets and towels changed every day—you can. It’s just not included in the published rates. And so it goes with all the other hotel-like amenities and service such as housekeeping, or laundry, etc. You simply must ask for this level of service to be provided—or expect, and even enjoy doing it for yourself.

Explorers, adventurers and the insatiably curious tend to get the most out of Colonial living, local idiosyncrasies and all. But for some, experiencing the local culture more directly might be intimidating. Still others might see the hotel as the destination–the all-inclusive experience. Whatever your preferences, budget should not be the driving force in your decision. You may be able to stay longer for less money and have more space and privacy in a Colonial than a hotel, but you’ll be amping up your lavida loca experience too. And for most, that’s just the ticket!

As owner of Casa La Barenda, I want you to have a good time. It is far more important for me to make a good match than it is for me to just fill vacancies.
The best place to start is by looking around Casa La Barenda’s webpage, then email any questions you might have—especially if this is your first experience. Also, I know details can be tedious but you can learn more about what to expect by looking at the Policies and Amenities pages. Take a look here:

The Policies can be viewed here:
And the Amenities can be viewed here:
The location of Casa La Barenda can be viewed here:
I’m looking forward to hearing from you…and having you stay at Casa La Barenda!

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Until next time…may all your travels be easy and enjoyable.


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